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MySims – Nintendo DS

MySims – Nintendo DS


MySims is a game of sharing and encouraging others. In this game you experience friendship with other tourist while at the same time helping store owners and playing games to unlock money and prizes.

I have really enjoyed this game because you can go anywhere in the town. You can go shopping for clothes and other stuff. My favorite thing to do is go visit my mansion on a island.

Some hints that might help you are:
to earn money you can play fun mini games like making leis and fishing. Also you might be lucky to find money on the ground if you see something sparkling.
when you catch fish with the rod and return to the fisherman, he will give you money for the fish and sometimes the fish might have a item in it. Also remember different kinds of fish depending what time it is.
If a store is closed go back to your house and sleep because time will go faster and you will be able to make your purchase.
Beware that all the characters who work at the town have different habits and personality.

I hope you enjoy this game just like I did!

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