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How To Train Your Dragon – Movie (Sierra)

How To Train Your Dragon – Movie (Sierra)


Hiccup, a Viking-to-be, has dreamt of slaying a dragon as other Vikings have done. But when he finds the dragon he trapped, he realizes that he cannot slay a dragon. In the humorous-epic adventure, Hiccup has to save the dragons and the Vikings from being destroyed. How will Hiccup be able to prove to his father that everyone is wrong about dragons?

At first, I wasn’t too excited when I heard we were going to be seeing this movie, but it was really good. I liked this movie because it was in IMAX, so we watched it on a huge screen with graphics that were nice and clear. The scenes were amazing and the sound was clear and loud. What I didn’t like was that even though it’s an IMAX 3-D movie, there were not a lot of scenes with 3-D effects so that was a little disappointing (because there were a lot of scenes that would have been perfect if it had the 3-D effect). There’s dragons flying around after all.

This movie surprised me by being really enjoyable to watch. The story was very interesting, funny and held my attention throughout the movie. If you’re sitting on the fence, go see it. I think you’ll really enjoy it.


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