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Pokemon Heartgold – Nintendo DS

Pokemon Heartgold – Nintendo DS

This video game is about catching as many Pokemon as you want just like in Pearl, Diamond and Platinum. There are lots of new Pokemon you can catch like a Kakuna, a bug type; Totodile, a water type; Croconaw is the evolve of Totodile; Pidgey, a bird type, Pidgeotto is the evolve of Pidgey, Cyndaquil, a fire type and Quilava is the evolve of Cyndaquil.

Since you don’t evolve immediately, you have to battle your way though Johto, one of the 2 regions I’ve discovered so far in order to level up. My Totodile didn’t evolve until level eighteen. My Pidgey evolved at the same level as my Totodile and my Cyndaquil evolved at level fourteen.

I’ve only been playing for about a week now but this is truly one of the best Pokemon games out there.

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