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Bandslam – Movie

Bandslam – Movie


Will Burton has just moved from Cincinnati to New Jersey. At his new school, music is everything to them. Sa5m (the 5 is silent) is a girl who reads all the time. She tells him about Bandslam, which is a music competition. High school kids can compete to win a record contract. Then Will meets another girl named Charlotte who has started a band with her friends. Will later becomes their manager who gives great advice about music. Can Charlotte and Will win the Bandslam competition?

My favorite part was when Will was trying to kiss Sa5m. He nervously tries to brush her hair away, just like what Charlotte told him to do. But Will didn’t know what to do because Sa5m was wearing a hat so Will just flicked her hat off her head. Then later during that part, Sa5m was reading, as usual, and Will got so frustrated, he started tugging at her book but Sa5m was holding on. Then finally he got it out of her hands and threw it on the ground. It was so funny.

I like this movie because I like the actors in it like Vanessa Hudgens and Aly Michalka. I also like this movie because it reminds me of the singing and the drama in High School Musical.

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  1. Great read. Thanks for the info!

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