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How to Train Your Dragon – Movie (Noah)

How to Train Your Dragon – Movie (Noah)

“How to Train Your Dragon” is a really interesting movie. There weren’t enough 3D effects in the movie but it looked crystal clear since it was in the IMAX theatre. This movie is about a young Viking named Hiccup and a dragon. Hiccup tried to be the first Viking to ever see a night fury, a dragon that only comes out at night from a volcano. He found the night fury already captured and released it and saw that half of his tail was missing. Hiccup decided to be friends with the dragon and name him Toothless, because he didn’t have any teeth. Or at least that’s what Hiccup initially thought. Normally Vikings were supposed to slay dragons but Hiccup saw Toothless as himself and just couldn’t kill the dragon. Hiccup thought he could become a better Viking if he could tame a dragon, rather than kill it. Hiccup goes on to train the dragon and they become friends. I liked the movie a lot better than the book so see the movie if you can.

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