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Ponyo – Movie

Ponyo – Movie


Ponyo The Movie
In this Japanese animated movie, a little boy named Sosuke lives on a hill next to the ocean. One day Sosuke was playing down at the ocean and found a fish. Sosuke takes the goldfish home and names it Ponyo. Ponyo is a special fish that is the daughter of a sea goddess and an alchemist and wishes to become a girl. When Ponyo gets a taste of Sosuke’s blood from a cut, she turns into a girl. Sosuke and Ponyo go through a bunch of adventures together. But the longer Ponyo is out of the ocean, the weaker she gets. Sosuke is just a little child so he doesn’t know what is wrong with Ponyo.

This movie is very different from other animated movies because it doesn’t look like the brightly colored computer-animated movies that are out now. There are softer colors and strange creatures you would never see in real life. It is a very heart-warming movie, though.

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