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Disney-Pixar’s UP – Movie

Disney-Pixar’s UP – Movie

This movie is about a retired balloon salesman named Carl Fredricksen, a Junior Wilderness Explorer named Russell, Dug the talking dog and Kevin, a thirteen-foot-tall flightless bird. Carl and Russell get stuck on an adventure to Paradise Falls located in Paradise Island. If you are asking how they got there, the answer is Carl. Carl did something really bad and had to go to Shady Oaks, which is a retired people place.

Carl spent all night blowing up about a million balloons and attached them to the roof of his house. When the people from Shady Oaks came to get Carl, he released all the balloons and his house started to float up into the air. When Carl was trying to take a nap in his floating house, he heard a knock at the door. When he opened the door, he saw Russell hugging the railing for dear life and he let him in. When they finally get to Paradise Island, they discover a rare bird and Russell named it Kevin. Not until later did he discover that Kevin was a girl, a mom, actually. They also meet Dug, a dog that can talk with this special dog collar who is on the hunt for this bird. They encounter an evil guy and some evil dogs along the way and get into some trouble. My favorite part was when Russell had to go to the bathroom and he asked Carl whether he was supposed to dig the hole first or afterward. I think anyone would know that you dig a hole first.

I like this movie because it has a lot of adventures and funny parts in it. It’s one of my five favorite movies. I’ve watched this movie about three times and it gets better every time.

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