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New Super Mario Brothers- Wii (Sierra)

New Super Mario Brothers- Wii (Sierra)


It is Princess Peach’s birthday and the big cake arrives. Then, pop! All of Bowser’s minions pop out of the cake. What do they do next? They steal Princess Peach, of course. Now it’s up to Mario and his friends to beat all of the mini Bowsers in all eight worlds and save Princess Peach from her doom.

This is a great family game. It will teach you how important teamwork is and also, this game is all about taking risks. Here are a few good tips for you. When you are in the ice world, make sure to use a penguin power-up so you don’t slip on the ice. It makes it much easier for your character to swim, too. Another tip is to go through world 1-1 over and over to collect a lot of coins to earn extra lives. Also in this, jumping through the glowing red circle will make the red coins appear for just a few seconds. When you collect them all, you usually can get an extra life. In some of the other worlds, collecting all the red coins in the short time frame can be tough but it’s really easy in world 1-1.

I really like this game but it stresses me out when I’m in the castle fighting Bowser’s minions. I also think this is the best Mario game, yet.

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