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New Super Mario Brothers – Wii (Noah)

New Super Mario Brothers – Wii (Noah)

This game is fun and challenging at the same time. There are new power-ups that you can get like the propeller mushroom, which lets you fly up into the air to grab coins and other things that you can’t get from just jumping. The penguin suit lets you walk on ice without slipping, slide on your belly and swim better. This game is up to a 4-player game. If you are playing by yourself, you always play as Mario. But with four players, you can choose from Mario, Luigi and the blue and yellow Toads.

Playing with other people can be really frustrating because you all play at the same time. Sometimes you can accidentally or purposely push people off cliffs or hurt them with a turtle shell. The good thing about playing with friends or family is you can press ‘A’ to automatically go into a bubble. It prevents you from enemy attack. To get out of the bubble, shake your wii remote to move your bubbled character towards another character. The bubble will pop and you continue playing without losing a life.

When you’re on the cloud level (level 7), you really need a helicopter helmet to get you through it. At the end of the castle levels, before you fight the Boss, jump around outside the castle doors to find an invisible block that will give you a power-up like ice, fire or a big-up mushroom. I really like this game but it gets frustrating at the castle levels. Be sure to hit the toad houses to get power-ups and extra lives.

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