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The Last Olympian – Book

The Last Olympian – Book


Percy Jackson and his friends are facing their worst feat yet. Kronos and his army are heading toward Olympus to destroy it. Also, Percy is almost 16 years old and has learned his fate. He will either become a hero or kill the gods and himself. Will Percy rise or fall in his battle? This action-packed story is the fifth book in the Percy Jackson series.

My favorite part was when Percy woke up and he was underwater in Poseidon’s Palace. Tyson had brought him to Poseidon in the middle of the war and said something like, “It’s okay brother. Next time we will use a big stick.” You have to read the book to get why this is funny.

Since I read the whole Percy Jackson series, it makes sense to read the books in order so you know about the characters and the adventures they go on. I also think this book was my favorite out of the series. If you read the books in order, you would definitely want to read the next one and the next one…

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