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The Tooth Fairy – Movie

The Tooth Fairy – Movie

Derek Thompson (Dwayne Johnson) is best known as the “Tooth Fairy” in the minor hockey league. If you’re wondering how Derek got his nickname, it was during a game where he knocked out a couple of teeth of another hockey player and the nickname stuck. Derek has a girlfriend named Carly and she has two children, Tess and Randy.

So Derek gets sent up to tooth fairy land to change his attitude because he kept discouraging kids from achieving their dreams. He becomes the real tooth fairy for one week and gets trained by Jerry and Tracy. Derek gets some cool stuff like amnesia dust, invisible spray, shrinking paste, cat away and mints that make people bark like a dog. He definitely is not happy about being a tooth fairy and he doesn’t do a good job at it.

Tess already likes Derek but Carly’s son, Randy, does not. Derek tries to be cool around Randy but he always messes up. After they hang out for a while, Randy thinks that Derek isn’t too bad but then Derek messes up, again. Will Randy forgive Derek? Will Derek get better at being a tooth fairy and change his attitude?

What I like about the movie is when Derek is helping Randy get ready for the talent show. Randy is playing guitar and Derek is playing the drums with him and they’re having a great time. The funny part of the movie is when Derek puts the dog barking mint in another hockey player’s mouth. Bark!

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