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Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland

Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland


Nineteen-year-old Alice is going to her own engagement party. When she arrives, she is distracted by a mysterious rabbit, which leads her to a hole that goes to Wonderland. Once there, Alice is put to a test to see if she is the right Alice. If Alice is the right one, then she will be able to kill the Jabberwocky and destroy the evil Red Queen and save Wonderland.

This film is filled with fantasy and unique characters like the Mad Hatter who Alice meets at a tea party. Tweedledee and Tweetledum are strange looking twins. The setting and animation is very creative.

One thing I didn’t really like about the movie was that some scenes were really long and boring. There is no point of making scenes longer than necessary. But other than that, this movie was good.

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