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Justin Bieber My World 2.0 Tour 7/13/2010

Justin Bieber My World 2.0 Tour 7/13/2010


This concert was awesome! It was the best concert I’ve ever been to. This sold-out concert was so crazy busy that there was a line around the whole building to get into the concert. It was insane!

When we got inside, we were waiting awhile to get a concert t-shirt so we missed the first act, The Stunners. We finally got to our seats just in time to see Jessica Jarrell perform. The cameras never zoomed in on her so I didn’t get to see her very well but at least I got to hear my favorite song from her, “Almost Love (24/7)”. She is a great singer and dancer. Sean Kingston was up next. Did you know that Sean has his own record label company? It was so fun to listen and watch Sean because he got us so pumped. Then he brought a special guest, Iyaz, who sang with Sean. It was cool!

Finally, it was Justin’s time to shine. When he came out, all the girls were screaming at the top of their lungs. It was driving my mom crazy! He performed all his hits except, “Baby”. I was disappointed not to hear that song. One of my favorite parts was when he went up above the crowd in a heart-shaped structure and played the guitar and sang. At one point, there were pictures and videos of Justin showing how he started singing and playing guitar and drums as a child. It talked about his You-Tube story and how he met Usher. Justin also performed a few songs with Jessica and Sean. At the end of the concert they brought out a drum kit for Justin. At first he was playing a song but then he just went at it and banged away. He is really good.

Of course you know I had fun but I just wished the camera guys had zoomed in on Justin a lot more.

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  1. Justin Bieber is amazing and has so much talent. I like playing most of his songs. He’s very cute too.

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