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Great Wolf Lodge

Great Wolf Lodge

The Great Wolf Lodge is like no ordinary hotel. It’s a hotel with an indoor water park, arcade, MagiQuest, restaurants and souvenir shop. This was our second time visiting the Great Wolf Lodge and it was awesome. The indoor water park has a wave pool, hot tub, water slides and a pool where you can play basketball. The Howlin’ Tornado is like a giant funnel. You sit in an inflatable raft with at least one other person and you slide back and forth down the sides of the funnel. It’s scary fun. It’s horrifying, really. River Canyon Run is another large waterslide and you sit in an inflatable raft with up to four other people. Once you hit the curve, your raft slides up the inside of the tube and it feels like you’re going to tip upside-down. There are also some slides you can go on alone. If you’re a little kid, I would recommend staying in the shallow end of the wave pool because the strong waves can really wipe you out.

When you’re done with the water park, you can play MagiQuest for hours. You need to buy a wand and activate it. If you want, you can also buy the MagiQuest costumes & cool toppers for your wand. There are these computers in fake trees and when you wave your wand at it, it will show you the quest you need to complete. After you accept a quest, you use your Ancient Book of Wisdom to find the items you need. The items are all over the hotel, even up to the fifth floor. There are also items in the stairwells, which is interesting. I made it through all the levels but I couldn’t beat the dragon. You can go back at any time and pay to play it again and it automatically saves all your quests so you don’t have to start over again.

The next morning, be sure to have the donuts and hot chocolate at the breakfast buffet at The Loose Moose Cottage. I didn’t like the soggy bacon but I did like waffles and mini pancakes. They also had mini corndogs and smiley face ☺ fries.

Everything about this place is great and I would recommend it to everyone. Not only did my sister and I love it, our parents did, too.


  1. The question is whether the parents loved it when they got the credit card bill for it… paying over $400 per night seems rather difficult to enjoy unless you’re a millionaire.

  2. My son loves that place. Great review guys!

  3. when i was a kid, i really enjoyed going up and down on water slides, it is a very enjoyable experience ‘,*

  4. Well, I don’t know how you could have given this place such a stellar review. We have been there twice, and each time was a nightmare. The service of such places, like the Spa and front desk was enough to make my husband get the manager. Also the price they want for a night is $400 and the room is nothing more special then your average Best Western or Comfort Inn. Seriously. You are paying for the waterpark and the “theme”. We had terrible service in the buffet and was told 45 minutes at the Loose Moose, yet waited 90 minutes. If anyone goes here, focus on the waterpark, its the best thing out there. Also the changing rooms are terrible and cramped. The snackbar upstairs was good and worth a visit or two 🙂
    After this, no way we will be back. Not for the price and lack of service out in the “woods”. Seriously people, they placed this thing among trailer parks and a hick little town I have never even heard of. Very strange setup, but I guess they got the land for a steal next to I-5.
    It’s worth a trip, but go knowing you will have a health bill at the end.

  5. Hey Chaz, thanks for your comment. Keep in mind though, this review is from the perspective of a 10 year old kid. 🙂

    I think you’d be hard pressed to find even a single kid who didn’t have a great time, although to a certain degree we agree about the rooms. The beds were a bit uncomfortable.

    They always have deals going on for discounts off the room cost. Our parents were able to find one of these deals. Also, if you go mid week and off season you’ll pay much less. It’s a great treat to end summer on and much more affordable than flying the family to Disneyland. Although someday we hope our parents will take us there. 🙂


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