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Marmaduke - The MovieMarmaduke, the movie, is a little cheesy for me but it might be good for younger kids. Marmaduke is a huge Great Dane who always causes trouble. When his family moves from Kansas to California, his life is turned upside down. His owner, Phil Winslow, takes him to the Dog Park to meet his new boss, who owns a pet food company. Marmaduke meets other dogs that are pure breeds that think they own the park. Marmaduke wants to be their friends rather than be friends with the other dogs who are mutts. Marmaduke tries to impress the cool pure breeds by throwing a party. But when they figure out that Marmaduke had lied to them, things don’t go so well.

The movie was kind of lame because Marmaduke does all these bad things like digging holes in the yard and messing up the house and everyone is always like, “Oh, Marmaduke.” The movie wasn’t really funny either. The silly things the characters do might be funny for really young kids.

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