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Out of the Dust

Out of the Dust


Out of the Dust written by Karen HesseI really thought this was a sad book because a lot of people die. And it’s sad because this is what happened back in the 1920’s.

Billie Jo lives with her mother and father. Her father owns a farm, which keeps failing because of the dust storms that keep occurring. But when Billie Jo makes the biggest mistake of her life, things start to go wrong. Her mother dies after delivering Billie Jo’s brother. And sadly her brother didn’t make it in time for her soon to be mother to arrive. After her mother’s death, the weather keeps getting worse and she cannot play piano anymore. Her father and her feel awkward together. And the people who have once made a difference in Billie Jo’s life are now resting in peace. What is Billie Jo going to do with her life? Get out of the dust.

This was probably the saddest book I’ve ever read. But what Billie Jo does is incredible. I would have never been able to face those terrible dust storms and tragedies. She is just an amazing girl who has big dreams. I would recommend this book because it is very well written and has very descriptive words. It would probably be best for advanced readers to read this book because it has some challenging words in it and also because of the dark topic.

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  1. well this story is very sad and it not right for all of those people that died

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