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Absolutely Normal Chaos

Absolutely Normal Chaos

Absolutely Normal Chaos  written by Sharon Creech

Absolutely Normal Chaos written by Sharon Creech

I really loved this book because it’s the journal of Mary Lou Finney from the book, Walk Two Moons. I loved that book, too. But this tells you what happened to Mary Lou Finney in the summer before they started school.

Mary Lou Finney really hates the idea of writing a journal when a brand new teacher might be reading her journal. But then Mary Lou gets an unexpected surprise. Her cousin Carl Ray has come to live with them until he finds a job. That makes Mary Lou really mad and gives her a lot to write about in her journal. She has to make his bed and he’s always hogging the TV. But luckily her summer becomes better when a guy named Alex starts going out with her. Mary Lou was wondering when he was going to kiss her. Mary Lou feels like she could never go a day without seeing him. But when Mary Lou finds out the real truth about why her cousin really came, she feels real bad. Especially when Carl Ray went unconscious. Will Mary Lou’s cousin ever regain consciousness? Will Alex ever kiss Mary Lou?

I love this book because Mary Lou seems like a girl who would be a great friend. She is energetic and in love. And so far, all the Sharon Creech books I’ve read are all very well written and very fun to read for me.

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