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Lunch Money

Lunch Money

Lunch Money written by Andrew ClementsLunch Money is a really good book. It is about a sixth-grader named Greg Kenton who likes to make money. He saves up his money and then lets his brothers borrow it if they pay interest on it. His dad tells him to put all his money in a savings account just in case the house would ever get burned down or robbed. So Greg surprises his dad by making a deposit of over $3,000! When school starts, Greg keeps forgetting his lunch and has to borrow money from his friends. When he sees other kids buying pencils, cupcakes and other stuff, he thinks it would be a great way to make his fortune. First, he starts selling toys but then toys get banned at school. Then, he has the idea to sell comics that he creates.

His comic is named Chunky Comics. The reason he chooses that name is because his comic books are thick and can stand up on their own. His first series is about a caveman named Crean. Greg’s goal is to sell 100 of his comic books in the first week and make $25. But during the third day he is called to the principal’s office. This is a big problem.

I liked this book because the story is interesting and Greg has an archenemy that competes with him and tries to steal his customers. Will Greg meet his goal or will his archenemy prevail?

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