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Megamind (Sierra)

Megamind (Sierra)



Megamind is a story about two aliens who crash land on earth and but grow up very differently. Metro Man is an alien who looks like a human and grows up rich and good-looking while Megamind is an alien who grows up in jail and is blue all-over with an enormous head. Metro Man always saves the day while Megamind works to destroy it. On the day that the Metroman museum opens, Megamind plans to destroy Metroman. And it worked!

Now Megamind is controlling Metro City but something just doesn’t feel right. There’s no “good” to battle his “evil”. So Megamind decides to create a formula to make a human have the good powers of Metroman. But when the formula is given to the wrong person, he uses it for “evil” not “good”. So it’s up to Megamind to decide if he will save the day and become the good guy.

I didn’t really like this movie because I was expecting it to be funny and exciting but it just wasn’t. The beginning of the movie was not funny at all and it only gets a little bit better by the end. It made me smile but I didn’t really laugh at all.

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