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Empire Story

Empire Story

Empire Story is an online game for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. When you first download the game, it comes with some gold coins, a few homes, business and two markets. The markets produce and sell products so that you can make money to buy more homes and businesses and markets. You can also make money when someone else cleans your empire. You click on the buildings they’ve cleaned to collect the coins.

It may seem really boring but it’s not. The whole point of this game is to build up your empire. And you can name your empire anything you want, mine of course is KidReviewed.com. 🙂 The more you play, the more coins and jewels you collect. As you level up in this game, you have access to more types of homes and businesses. It’s really interactive so you can clean other empires, become their friends, post messages and send gifts for their empire. The more friends you make, the bigger your empire can become (you do have to pay to expand your empire). You can also rearrange your empire at any time, add trees and roads. One tip for the markets is to select push notifications so that when your product is ready, you get a message to manage the market so your product can be sold. If you select a product that takes one hour to make and you don’t come back to the game until three hours later, then your product will be destroyed. If you like this game like I do, you probably will also like City Story and Restaurant Story made by the same game developer.

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