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Tangled is one of my favorite movies out there. It is a Disney animated movie musical about Rapunzel, (the lost Princess) and a young bandit named Flynn Ryder. They make a deal that if Flynn will take Rapunzel to see the floating lights that happen on her birthday every year then Rapunzel will give Flynn his satchel back (which has a stolen tiara). Rapunzel has a hard time leaving her tower though because Mother Goethel told her to never leave the tower. But Mother Goethel gets to leave the tower everyday. What I personally think is that Mother Goethel is setting a bad example by breaking this rule herself. Rapunzel finally does leave with Flynn and her chameleon sidekick, Pascal. They have an interesting adventure along the way, especially as they run into some guys and a crazy weird horse that is after Flynn.

My opinion is that this is a great family movie for people of all ages. The actor who voices Flynn Ryder is Zachary Levi, you know that guy who is Chuck on NBC. I was really shocked that Chuck, or actually Zachary, could sing. I would really recommend that you see this movie whether you are a girl or a boy because it’s pretty funny.

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