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Restaurant Story

Restaurant Story

Restaurant Story is an addicting online game that you can play on the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Well, at first it is really addicting as you try to expand and decorate your restaurant, have more types of food to serve and get more neighbors. After awhile, it can be really time consuming having to tip your neighbors and cook food constantly.

To start off, you spend coins to make food for your customers. Certain foods like French toast take 1 minute to cook while other items like stew takes two days to cook. Since the stew takes longer to cook, it will earn you more coins from your customers. If you run out of food to serve, you can close your restaurant by putting a chair or table in front of your door. Otherwise, if you have no food to serve or you don’t have enough tables and chairs in your restaurant, customers leave angry and decrease your popularity rating.

After you create your Storm8 ID, you can start to visit other players’ restaurants to tip three of their tables and invite them to be neighbors. Once you have neighbors, you can send them gifts of food and drink and tip six of their tables. They can do the same for you. There is a limit of accepting 20 gifts per day and it’s best to send stew because it is worth the most (500 coins). Please don’t send the 200 plates of French toast because it’s actually only worth 200 coins to your neighbors. If you have lots of neighbors, you can decline bad food gifts like French toast or waffles and hopefully another neighbor will send you stew.

Here are some more tips. To increase your star rating, you need to tip a lot of random people as well as your neighbors. The ratings go from 0 to 4 stars and if you have neighbors with a 0 star rating, you know they are probably not tipping you. You can always delete those types of neighbors. Before you spend coins and gems to decorate your restaurant, visit a lot of other restaurants to look at how they decorated their restaurant.

Sometimes, you may want to save up your coins and gems for a really cool but expensive item. Gems are very hard to earn so use those carefully. This is a free game but you can spend real money to buy more gems if you really want to trick out your restaurant. And be sure to tap carefully when you have food that has expired on your stove. You don’t accidentally want to spend 3 gems saving the expired food.


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