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The Search for Santa Paws

The Search for Santa Paws

This movie has a bunch of cheesy parts and it’s not a good choice for younger kids because of Santa getting hurt and the orphans being treated badly. The movie starts off when Santa’s best friend dies. Santa then receives a white stuffed animal from that friend’s son. This stuffed animal turns into a real puppy that Santa names Paws. Both Santa and Paws wear a crystal around their neck that makes them immortal.

Santa and Paws go to NY City to visit a toyshop but Santa gets hit by a car and loses his memory and gets separated from Paws. Eventually, Santa finds his friend’s toyshop and he is confused for a store Santa so he ends up working as a store Santa for a while. In the meantime, a girl living in an orphanage takes in Paws. The orphanage lady does not treat the orphans very nice. Paws doesn’t have his crystal and he turns back into a stuffed animal during the night and is thrown into an incinerator. Then, Santa starts to become sick because someone stole his crystal.

Overall, I liked the movie and the singing was ok. But like I said earlier, this really isn’t a movie for younger kids.

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