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Dick’s Drive In Restaurant

Dick’s Drive In Restaurant


Dick’s Drive In Restaurant has the fastest service I have ever seen. They are so fast that they almost threw my brother’s milkshake out the walk-up window as we were paying. Remember that there is no seating at most of the locations and you must only bring cash. I usually order the Deluxe Burger ($2.50), which is a very juicy double cheeseburger with the usual veggies and special sauce. My brother usually orders the cheeseburger ($1.40), which is your basic buns, burger, cheese, ketchup and pickles. They also offer hamburgers ($1.20), soft drinks and ice cream. Their fries ($1.40) are fresh-cut, soggy and taste ok. I like extra salt on mine. If you want ketchup to dip your fries, then you’ll need to pay $.05 for one little plastic container of ketchup. Their milkshakes ($2.00) are hand dipped and come in strawberry, vanilla or chocolate. This place is always busy but the lines go quick. The reason they are quick is because everything is made the same way, no special orders so don’t even ask. My favorite location is the one in Wallingford. It’s fun to go there after a UW game. I like this burger place a lot because it’s cheap and tastes good.

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  1. excellent review!!! Dick’s also pays their employees more than McDonalds or Burger King and gives them health insurance and pays for them to go to school. It’s a great place!

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