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Bakery Story

Bakery Story


In Bakery Story, you own your very own bakery that you get to design. In order to make money and have happy customers, you have to make food, but make sure you have money! You can make muffins, cookies, cakes, pies, cappuccinos, mochas and much more. Some food can take 5 minutes to bake while others can take 2 days to bake. It costs money to make the food but you’ll earn money from selling it. Be sure not to let your food sit too long on the stove after it’s finished cooking otherwise it can spoil. For instance, if something takes one hour to bake, then you have 1 hour after it’s finished baking to serve it or it will spoil and your money is wasted.

You can also earn money when other players visit your bakery and leave you tips. It’s always good to visit them back and tip their tables, too. You can also invite people to be your neighbor and then you can double your tips and give each other gifts of food. The best gift to send and receive is 50 cappuccinos since they are worth 500 coins. It’s good to leave a message on other people’s wall so they know to tip you back.

I like to play this game because you can customize your bakery to make it look so cute. And it’s fun to visit other people’s bakeries to see how they designed theirs. You can find this game on iTunes for iPods, iPhones and iPads. Be sure to save your gems for only something really special that you want to buy because gems are very hard to earn. But you can also buy gems with real money. And be careful. If you accidentally click on something that costs gems (when you were just scrolling through & not trying to buy stuff), then you won’t be given a refund. My mom emailed Team Lava, the game creators, about when that happened and it’s been over 30 days and they have not responded. ☹ Just because it’s a free game doesn’t mean Team Lava should not provide decent customer service.

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