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100th REVIEW: de Blob 2

100th REVIEW: de Blob 2

The main objective of this game is to color the islands that have lost color. Comrade Black has taken all the color out of Prisma City and it’s your job to restore all the color back to the world. You jump in pools of different colored paints and you can run on walls and paint the town whatever colors you choose. It’s pretty cool but watch out for the time limit and the ink pools (which causes you to lose your color). You can let a friend play with you as Pinky, who can shoot tiny color blobs at stuff and who can help restore your color when you are out of paint. The more you paint, the more upbeat the music gets. The graphics are amazing and it’s really hours of fun. It’s not a super hard game and the boss battles aren’t too bad. This is a good game for kids of all ages since you are mostly painting and there are videos and hints to help you in the game.

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