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Disney’s Prom

Disney’s Prom


Picture from the Disney's movie Prom.Disney’s Prom is good movie about a bunch of random kids in high school. They all seem to have something on their minds that is driving them crazy. Prom!! Lloyd doesn’t have a date so his stepsister tells him to just ask any girl. Nova Prescott, class President and head of the Prom committee, is faced with disasters. Jesse is one of them. He doesn’t get why Prom is so important. Lucas doesn’t know how to get Simone Daniel’s attention. Jordan doesn’t trust Tyler, captain of the lacrosse team but is still waiting for him to ask her to Prom. Mei got accepted into a different college from her prom date and future husband, Justin, and doesn’t know how to break it to him while at the same time, Justin thinks Mei doesn’t want to go to Prom. All these couples face challenges leading up to Prom. So will Prom be their one perfect night to remember?

This movie was really cute. It is a different style of movie than what Disney usually does. It’s not cheesy and unrealistic like a lot of their television movies. It was a long movie but very fun to watch. One thing that was kind of confusing was the beginning with all the different characters that were introduced. But at the same time, the movie wouldn’t be the same without all those characters because they each had a good story. Even though some scenes made me want to cry, it was the best “prom” I’ve ever seen.

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