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Hop is about a bunny named E.B., who is the Easter Bunny’s teenage son. E.B. loves to play the drums (plus he is really good!) and doesn’t want to take over as the Easter Bunny. So E.B. leaves for Hollywood and tries to live his dream in becoming a drummer. There he meets a guy named Fred who then takes him in as a “guest”. But back at Easter Island, things aren’t going so well. Carlos, a yellow Easter chick, gets tired of being #2 and wants to take over Easter. Will E.B. and Fred be able to save Easter in time and will E.B. realize his dream of being a famous drummer?

This was a really cute movie. I didn’t see Hop in 3D but it was still great with the awesome animation. The candy factory was so colorful and filled with all your favorite Easter candy. The candy looked so real it made me want to eat chocolate. But one thing I didn’t like was the beginning of the movie. It basically gives away the movie ending. But besides that, this is a great movie to see with the entire family.

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