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NxtApp 4 Kids

NxtApp 4 Kids


NxtApp 4 Kids is a great way to teach kids how to add and subtract to figure out the pattern. The game is available for iOS devices available at the iTunes app store. They have multiple games to play, which makes learning fun. The concept of the game is to figure out the next number that comes in the pattern. There is a sequence of 4 numbers and one of them is blank.

At first it’s really simple, for example 1, 2, __, 4. Then it gets more difficult as you progress, like 4, __, 18,25. At this point you have to use addition and subtraction. So to figure out the missing number, subtract 18 from 25 and you will get 7, which is the common difference. So add 4 + 7 to get 11 and that is your missing number. The sequence is 4, 11, 18, 25 (4, 4+7=11, 11+7=18, 18+7=25).

Each stage becomes progressively harder and I was even stumped on some problems and needed to figure it out on paper. The games are timed and you can play the games over and over to improve your score. You can also compare your scores online to other players to see how you stack up.

These games are a great way to help kids learn their math facts and it would be good for them to get a head start this summer. They also have great graphics and sounds that younger kids will enjoy. This educational game is only $0.99 at the app store and kids will really enjoy this workout for their brain.

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