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Zookeeper movie pictureI went to see Zookeeper with a bunch of friends and we thought the movie was really funny and a bit goofy. The movie starts off five years in the past when Griffin proposes to Stephanie but things go terribly wrong. Back to the present time, Griffin bumps into Stephanie at a party but he makes a big fool of himself. She still decides to give him a chance but doesn’t like the fact that he is a zookeeper and wants him to get a job at the dealership. The animals at the zoo discuss how they can get Griffin to stay at the zoo because they think that he is the best zookeeper they have ever had. They try to figure out what to do without breaking the code. The code is like their promise to not talk to humans. But the next day the elephant broke the ice and soon all the animals start talking to Griffin. Will Griffin give up his job as zookeeper to please Stephanie or will he stay true to himself and spend time doing what he loves?

Some of the funny parts for me were when the huge gorilla falls off the bridge and lands on the hood of the taxi completely crushing it. There is also a scene that involves a can of Red bull and some lions. Another hilarious part was when Griffin was doing a very dangerous trapeze act at a party and accidentally takes out the bride. So you have talking animals giving Griffin strange advice that makes him look silly and Griffin getting into a lot of funny and sometimes painful situations that kids find hilarious but I’m sure parents will think this movie isn’t the greatest but my friends and I had a fun time.

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