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The Throne of Fire

The Throne of Fire


This interesting book is the second book in the Kane Chronicles and is written by an awesome author, Rick Riordan. At the end of the first book, The Red Pyramid, Apophis is rising and Carter and Sadie decide it’s best to awake Ra, the sun god, so that Ra will defeat Apophis. So to pull this off, they have to collect the three scrolls of Ra, cast the spell, awaken Ra and get him to the palace of the gods. Furthermore, they need to do all of this before the summer solstice (which is in five days). I know, this sounds really hard to do in five days, so will they make it?

This is a good book especially since I love mythology. The funniest part is when Walt, one of Carter and Sadie’s trainees, along with Sadie is stumped on finding the third part of the scroll and end up in a tomb with thousands of mummies. So instead of worrying about dying, Walt is worrying about his teeth. Strange, right? So I thought that this book has more action that the first book, but the series is just not as exciting as the Percy Jackson book series. I suggest that if you like mythology, you might like the Kane Chronicles. Also, the interesting thing about this series is that even if you don’t like it, you’ll keep reading because you just want to find out what happens at the end. There is so much action that it’s just page after page for me and I sometimes stayed up till mid-night reading.

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