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Dreamland Social Club

Dreamland Social Club


Dreamland Social Club by Tara Altebrando was such a good book that I couldn’t stop reading it. It all starts with Jane and her older brother, Marcus, inheriting their grandfather’s  house on Coney Island. Coney Island, the once famous but now old beach front neighborhood, was filled with amusement parks like Luna Park and Dreamland, which are long gone. Coney Island also happened to be the birthplace of Jane’s mother and Jane just can’t help thinking of the secrets her mother left behind. With the help of Leo, “tattoo boy”, Jane goes on a journey of discovery and finds out what a great place Coney Island really is.

This book is so descriptive about Coney Island that I would like to visit it someday. I also like the mystery and wanted to know what all the keys Jane’s mother left meant. It felt like reading a live fantasy. The characters were so different and interesting but there are some bad words so this book is more for teens because of the language. But this definitely would be one of my favorite books.

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