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Tiny Tower

Tiny Tower


Tiny Tower is a free iPad, iPod and iPhone app that is a virtual tower of businesses and residences that you build. As your businesses make money, you can buy more floors and build your tower higher and higher. You can buy a residential floor that 5 people can live in and then you need to find jobs in your tower for those people. They usually have a dream job and if you get that person that job, you make them happy and you can get a Tower Bux (money!).
There are so many businesses you can buy. My favorites are the volleyball club and the car dealership. Each business can have up to three employees and can sell three items. Each item takes time to prepare (and some stuff takes over a day!) but once you stock the item, you are ready to sell.
Your customers ride in the elevator and when you bring them to the floor they want, they tip you either coins or sometimes with a Tower Bux. You can use the Tower Bux to get residents or to upgrade your businesses or elevator. It’s good to save up to upgrade your elevator because a slow elevator can get really boring.
Another cool thing is that you might get a VIP in the elevator. A construction worker helps you build and saves you 3 hours; a big spender will buy all of one item from a business; a celebrity will get other shoppers to spend more money at a store for a short time; a stocker will take off 3 hours of stocking time and a realtor will fill up an empty apartment with people.
My mom and I are very addicted to this game and so far, we have 100 floors. You can move your floors up or down for one Tower Bux so I put all my apartments together on the bottom floors.. You can also remodel the businesses and apartments by selecting to paint it. Tiny Tower offers costumes that you can buy with Tower Bux. The Elvis costume and bee suit is funny.

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