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Apple iPod Touch – 5th Generation

Apple iPod Touch – 5th Generation

The Apple iPod Touch is the most advanced iPod yet. Thinner, lighter, faster, this is a pretty advanced piece of technology. With a brilliant design, 4-inch Retina display, Amazing iSight camera, iPod touch loop, Apple EarPods, and a Dual-core A5 chip, the 5th generation iPod Touch is the best on the market right now. The package includes an iPod Touch, iPod Touch loop (sold separately for 16GB model), Apple EarPods, Lightning to USD cable, and a quick start guide. From six different colors, you can purchase the 16GB iPod for $199.00, the 32GB iPod for $249.00, and the 64GB iPod for $299.00. I own a blue 32GB iPod.

iPod Blue 5th Generation

The iPod Touch is exactly as Apple describes it as, the thinnest and lightest iPod Touch ever. The iPod fits very nicely into my hands and is very lightweight; 4.86 inches in height, 2.31 inches wide, 0.24 inches thick, and 3.10 ounces in weight. If you’re looking for a device to play games on, buy a 32GB, but if you’re all about music, buy a 16GB (although you might run out of space eventually). If you’re a worker, photographer, gamer and music person, or all of the above, buy the 64GB. Personally, the 16GB is too small, but my current iPod (32GB), is just right. I have lots of music, lots of games, and lots of funny pictures downloaded from the internet and I still have enough space for more. The battery for the iPod lasts long enough for me, mainly because I have school for six hours and I can’t use it there, but I’m still able to accomplish everything that I need to.

iPod Blue 5th Generation
The iPod Touch 5th generation is definitely an impressive piece of technology. Starting at $199.00, you can own an iPod in an assortment of different colors. Thinner, lighter, faster, and mightier than any other iPod, this is the product to buy.

The sixth color, Red, is not in the featured image.

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