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Mod Pizza

Mod Pizza

Mod Pizza is like the Subway of pizza restaurants. You have the option to choose your own toppings, or you can choose from a selection of pre-decided pizzas. The positive atmosphere, the friendly staff and customers, the cheap prices, and their delicious pizza is what makes me suggest Mod Pizza every time my parents ask me what I want for dinner. 

Mod Pizza is still a fairly new place (at my location), so sometimes the inexperienced workers mess up my pizza. The pizzas also cook fast, but sometimes a little too fast so they burn the pizza crust every so often. The seating options are a little whack too. There are a few four seaters, one huge, long table, and a few counter seats against the window and in the middle of the restaurant. Not very many downsides to Mod Pizza, other than the ones listed above, but the pros definitely out way the cons.

First off, the pizza here is great. I really like being able to choose my toppings and everything else. You get a refreshing, wood fire stove taste, and it tastes really good. The price is fairly cheap for a personal pizza ($4.47-$10.47) and free refills on soda is a plus, too. 

All in all, Mod Pizza is a great place for when you’re crazing pizza with a specific set of toppings, or if you just want to try something new. I think everyone should give this place a try. 

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