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Virtual Sports

Virtual Sports

Virtual Sports is the place to go for laser tag. A realistic course, authentic-looking guns, cheap prices, different game modes, and special daily deals are just some of the things that makes Virtual Sports awesome. Starting at $25.00, you can play the next generation of laser tag. Realistic courses and realistic guns are only a small part of what makes Virtual Sports the best place for laser tag.

Virtual Sports

Different days have different deals, so make sure to choose a double time session so that you can get more time to play. For those of you who think that all those hours of Call of Duty will help, they won’t. This is nothing like Call of Duty at all and you will need to be kind of fit to play. I’m an athlete and I was sweating the entire time and at times even breathing heavily. The main gun that is used is the IRM4, which is modeled after an AR15, M16, and M4. It looks, feels and almost functions like a real gun. This is what makes Virtual Sports so awesome, that and the realistic courses. During game time, you have limited ammo, but unlimited reloads. When you die or run out of ammo, you go back to base to revive yourself and a worker helps you reload. From your base, you can check all your stats and your teammates’ stats too. There are so many places to hide during the game, and there are two of my favorite camping spots where I racked up some of my kills.

Virtual Sports is the best place for laser tag. Starting at $25, you can play 60 or 120 minutes (depending on a double session) with realistic equipment and course. I think everyone should try Virtual Sports and I would recommend anyone to try this.


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