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Kid Reviewed is a review website of popular products written exclusively by Kids. All the reviews are the honest opinion of Sierra & Noah, a couple kids from the Seattle area.

How it all started. While watching our father blog, we decided we wanted to start blogging as well. Our parents thought it would be a great way to help us with our writing development so they soon set us up with our own blog. After a while our reviews began to be reminiscent of product reviews. We kept writing about things we had done, games we had played and books we had read (we read a lot of books). As a result, kidreviewed.com was born.

We hope you enjoy our reviews and encourage you to connect with us by leaving a comment on any of our posts or follow us on Twitter. You can also read more about Sierra or about Noah and the things we like to do.

Sierra & Noah

Please Note: Because this is a site written by kids and most likely read by kids, all comments posted will be reviewed and possibly edited to remove any URLs, language and any other content deemed inappropriate.

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