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Singing Sensation – Book

This book is about Geronimo Stilton becoming the new “Singing Sensation” in New Mouse City. Geronimo is mouse that has a lot of fears and is a klutz. Geronimo’s friend, Champ Strongpaws, heard Geronimo singing in the shower and decided to enter him in a song festival that was going to air on TV. Geronimo felt awkward about singing in front of a crowd. Benjamin, his nephew, wanted Geronimo to be on TV. Since Benjamin is Geronimo’s favorite nephew, he decided to enter the song festival. When Geronimo entered the stage, he tried to open his mouth to sing but nothing came out. What happens next? Read it to find out. My favorite part of this book was when...

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Garfield Sits Around the House – Book

This is Jim Davis’s seventh book and it’s my favorite one. Actually, all the Garfield books have pretty funny comics. Garfield is a fat orange and black striped cat who is mean to his dog Odie. Garfield thinks he the overlord of John, his owner, and is always trying to take his food. Garfield is hilarious and loves lasagna and to sing on the fence at night. One funny moment is when Odie has white foam coming out of his mouth and John yells, “Mad Dog! Mad Dog!” Garfield tells Odie, “Stay out of my whipped cream, Odie.” Another funny part is when Garfield eats his birthday cake and the candles on it that are still on fire! Smoke...

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How to Train Your Dragon – Movie (Noah)

“How to Train Your Dragon” is a really interesting movie. There weren’t enough 3D effects in the movie but it looked crystal clear since it was in the IMAX theatre. This movie is about a young Viking named Hiccup and a dragon. Hiccup tried to be the first Viking to ever see a night fury, a dragon that only comes out at night from a volcano. He found the night fury already captured and released it and saw that half of his tail was missing. Hiccup decided to be friends with the dragon and name him Toothless, because he didn’t have any teeth. Or at least that’s what Hiccup initially thought. Normally Vikings were supposed to slay dragons but...

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The Diary of a Wimpy Kid

The Diary of a Wimpy Kid is the best comedy series I have ever read. It is about a middle school kid named Greg Heffley and his friend Rowly Jefferson. Greg asked his mom to get him a journal so he could write down things that happen to him. He specifically asked her to get one that does not say “diary” on it but she didn’t listen. Greg kept it any way and wrote in it every day and also draws funny pictures of him and his friends. Greg has a lot of weird kids at his school like Freggly and Patty. Freggly is an unpredictable kid with some hygiene issues so Greg always wants to get away from...

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Nintendo DSi

The Nintendo DSi is a hand-held console that comes in a variety of colors. The DSi shares games with the Nintendo DS but not with the Nintendo Gameboy Advance. The DSi has many things that are new like the camera, the DSi shop, the DSi sounds and Facebook. The DSi is fun and bigger than the DS. The DSi camera has lots of cool features. You can take a picture of yourself and add funny graphics like a mustache or a Mario hat to your picture. The DSi is great, but I still hope they come up with something cool like a game console that instead of holding it, it will grip your head and hold the videogame right...

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Pokemon Heartgold – Nintendo DS

This video game is about catching as many Pokemon as you want just like in Pearl, Diamond and Platinum. There are lots of new Pokemon you can catch like a Kakuna, a bug type; Totodile, a water type; Croconaw is the evolve of Totodile; Pidgey, a bird type, Pidgeotto is the evolve of Pidgey, Cyndaquil, a fire type and Quilava is the evolve of Cyndaquil. Since you don’t evolve immediately, you have to battle your way though Johto, one of the 2 regions I’ve discovered so far in order to level up. My Totodile didn’t evolve until level eighteen. My Pidgey evolved at the same level as my Totodile and my Cyndaquil evolved at level fourteen. I’ve only been...

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