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The Maze of Bones (39 Clues, No.1)

This book was boring but had moments of action in it, like a house burning down with kids in it, exploding buildings and other stuff. I am not trying to be mean to Rick Riordan because he is actually one of my favorite authors, but this book was not that interesting to me. It actually put me to sleep! The book is about a girl named Amy and a boy named Dan. A few days before their aunt dies, she gives just a few people an invitation for a search that could change their lives. The search is basically like a treasure hunt but the treasure is a clue to find the next clue until you have all 39...

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Animal Ark: Labrador in the Leaves

Mandy Hope and her parents have an animal clinic called Animal Ark. Mandy meets a new girl at school, Sara Grant and finds out that Sara has some baby Labradors that need a check-up. Mandy was delighted that Sara was bringing the puppies to her parents’ clinic. Mandy and her friend James fell in love with the puppies. But when the Grants go out of town, the puppies disappear. Mandy and James try to help Sara find the puppies. To make things worse, they find out that the puppies might have a serious eye condition and might need some treatment. Will the puppies be found in time before they go blind? This is a very easy read (the reading...

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The Stonekeeper’s Curse (Amulet, Book 2)

Emily and her brother, Navin, are faced with a challenge. Their mother is poisoned by arachnopod and is in a coma. They take her to the beautiful city of Kanalis where a doctor will see her. Nothing can help her except the fruit of a gadoba tree, which stands on the peak of Demon’s Head Mountain. While they search for this tree, they end up being hunted down by evil elves that want Emily’s power: the power of the Stonekeeper. Will Emily be able to save her family in time before the Stonekeeper destroys her? This is an awesome book. It’s actually a graphic novel. I love it because the pictures are great and there is so much action....

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The Red Pyramid

The Red Pyramid is one of my favorite books by one of my favorite authors. Rick Riordan also wrote the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. The Red Pyramid has a lot of adventure and action, which makes it addicting to read. The two main characters in the book are Carter, 14, and Sadie, 12. They are brother and sister who were separated when they were young because their mother died. Sadie ended up living with their grandparents in London while Carter ended up living with his dad, Dr. Julius Kane. Carter’s dad is an Egyptologist and studies ancient Egyptian artifacts so he and Carter are always traveling. Sadie gets to see her father twice a year so when...

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Interactive Book: The First Christmas

We were recently approached by publishers Bookmakers, LTD, asking if we’d take a look at their new interactive book. Although most of their books are for a younger audience we jumped at the opportunity to review a digital book. The book, The First Christmas, is an adaptation of the story about the baby Jesus told from the perspective of an animal. The story is written by John Wilkie and it’s nicely written. Most small children will enjoy the story but it’s the interactivity that will really make it interesting for them and the illustrator, Jodie McCallum did a fabulous job on the artwork. We reviewed the iPad version, but they have versions for the iPhone and iPod Touch also....

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Catching Fire

I really enjoyed this book, which is the second book of the Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins. Katniss and Peeta have just won the hunger games because of Katniss’s clever scheme. They are being forced to marry each other by President Snow. As they go on a victory tour from the hunger games, a bad thing happens. An uprising starts in the districts and peacekeepers are everywhere. But worst of all is the Quarter Quell, which is another hunger game being played to the death. Now, Peeta and Katniss are forced into the games against some old survivors of the game. But will Katniss and Peeta be able to make it out alive to have their wedding or...

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