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Mary Scary – Book

Mary is a girl who wants so many things like to be rich or have a pet. Mary wanted more than a lot. But then a mythical, magical dragon-phoenix money god lost his temper and decided to incinerate Mary. Mary rose out of the ashes and still wanted more. Now she wanted to be famous. But later on in the story, she put her wish list in the trash. She then went to live on a tall mountain by the blue sea and lived happily ever after. This is an ebook that I read available through Apple’s iBook app on the iPad. It’s a good thing it was a free download because I didn’t really like this book at...

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The Last Olympian – Book

Percy Jackson and his friends are facing their worst feat yet. Kronos and his army are heading toward Olympus to destroy it. Also, Percy is almost 16 years old and has learned his fate. He will either become a hero or kill the gods and himself. Will Percy rise or fall in his battle? This action-packed story is the fifth book in the Percy Jackson series. My favorite part was when Percy woke up and he was underwater in Poseidon’s Palace. Tyson had brought him to Poseidon in the middle of the war and said something like, “It’s okay brother. Next time we will use a big stick.” You have to read the book to get why this is...

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Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Last Straw – Book

This is the third book in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. What I thought was funny was when Greg’s dad said that he was going to sign Greg up for Spag Union. Spag Union is a military academy. The worst part is that new recruits have to report on June 7, the second day of summer vacation. Greg thinks that it’s a terrible idea, so he told his mom. But she was no use. She only said, “You would look so handsome in a uniform.” Will Greg get shipped out or will he shape up? So the second thing that really sucks is that Gregory has to spend his only day of summer vacation at the Snellas,...

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Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days – Book

This is the fourth book in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. Greg and Rowley start off their summer vacation at the pool. Rowley’s family belongs to the country club so Greg is lucky enough to swim at the country club swimming pool. Greg said that it was hard going back to the public pool after living the country club lifestyle. The boys invite Trista to the country club pool but in no time, she runs off with the lifeguard. This kind of thing happens to Greg all the time. My favorite part is when Greg almost got his dad arrested when they were on their way to a baseball game. Greg had overheard his parents talk about...

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Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules – Book

This is the second book in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. In this book, Greg gets another diary when he starts a new school year. He is now in middle school and looks forward to it because he had a lousy summer. The reason he thought it was lousy was because Greg’s dad thinks he is destined to be a great swimmer and made him join the swim team. Greg would rather spend his summer vacation playing video games than being at a pool. When the flu knocks out Rodrick, Greg’s brother, Greg and Rodrick get a surprise from mom and dad. Their parents leave for a few days and the boys are alone. Rodrick jumps off...

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Eleven – Book

Winnie Perry has just turned eleven and is finishing off her fifth grade year. When the new girl, Gail Grayson, shows up at school, she becomes the center of attention and steals Winnie’s best friend, Amanda. The only girl left to be Winnie’s friend is Dinah, the sensitive one. Things just keep getting worse when Winnie ends up with the most disliked boy in her class at an ice-skating party. My favorite part was when Winnie, in a brave moment, tells Gail, “The point is that you are not the boss of things just because you wear a bra!” When the kids around them start laughing, Gail says, “It’s not funny! I said it’s not funny! Anyway, laughing causes...

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