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My Life in Pink and Green – Book

Lucy Desberg works with her mom and grandma at the family’s pharmacy, which is not doing so well. But when the local homecoming queen has a beauty emergency Lucy becomes her hero. The word gets out and everyone is coming to get their make-up done for special occasions. Unfortunately, that is not enough to save their family business. Then Lucy learns about a government grant for businesses that are willing to go green. Will that be enough to save the pharmacy? I really like this book because it is realistic fiction. I like that style of writing because it feels like it could happen in real life. I also like this book because included at the beginning of each...

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The Diary of a Wimpy Kid

The Diary of a Wimpy Kid is the best comedy series I have ever read. It is about a middle school kid named Greg Heffley and his friend Rowly Jefferson. Greg asked his mom to get him a journal so he could write down things that happen to him. He specifically asked her to get one that does not say “diary” on it but she didn’t listen. Greg kept it any way and wrote in it every day and also draws funny pictures of him and his friends. Greg has a lot of weird kids at his school like Freggly and Patty. Freggly is an unpredictable kid with some hygiene issues so Greg always wants to get away from...

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Nancy Drew- The Mystery of the Tolling Bell

This book is non-stop action. It’s about a super sleuth teenager Nancy Drew and her two cousins, George and Bess, who are helping Nancy’s dad with his case. By the way Nancy’s dad is a lawyer. People in the small town of Candleton who bought Mon Coeur cosmetics stock ended up being tricked by some slick salespeople. Also Nancy hears that there is a ghost who lives in White Cap Bay cave and does something mysterious. Both of these mysteries relate to each other and end up being solved with a twist. In this book you will feel like you are actually in the book. Usually I don’t like reading mysteries but Nancy Drew books are just really exciting....

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