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Interactive Book: The First Christmas

We were recently approached by publishers Bookmakers, LTD, asking if we’d take a look at their new interactive book. Although most of their books are for a younger audience we jumped at the opportunity to review a digital book. The book, The First Christmas, is an adaptation of the story about the baby Jesus told from the perspective of an animal. The story is written by John Wilkie and it’s nicely written. Most small children will enjoy the story but it’s the interactivity that will really make it interesting for them and the illustrator, Jodie McCallum did a fabulous job on the artwork. We reviewed the iPad version, but they have versions for the iPhone and iPod Touch also....

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Sally’s Salon – Nintendo DS

Sally’s Salon is a fun strategy game. In this game you have a certain amount of money you are supposed to make in each level. One level is equivalent to one day. In order to make money you have to follow your customer’s requests. You will have to wash hair, cut hair, style hair and do manicures and much more. But in order to satisfy your customers you have to follow their exact request or else they will lose a heart. If your customer loses all their hearts they will leave your salon. At the beginning of each level you can use the money you earned to buy items to improve your salon. For instance, you can upgrade your...

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A Kid’s Review of the iPad

The iPad is like a giant iPod touch, until you play with it. The iPad has more features than the iPod touch or the iPhone. The keyboard on the iPad is almost as big as a keyboard on a laptop computer, but you actually just type on the screen. You can’t see your fingerprints on the screen unless it’s turned off. It’s so much more fun to play games on the iPad like Godfinger, Tap Tap Radiation and more. It is also nicer to watch videos because of the bigger screen. Plus, there are apps that can help you with learning math and other languages. That would be a really good way to get ahead over the summer before...

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Nintendo DSi

The Nintendo DSi is a hand-held console that comes in a variety of colors. The DSi shares games with the Nintendo DS but not with the Nintendo Gameboy Advance. The DSi has many things that are new like the camera, the DSi shop, the DSi sounds and Facebook. The DSi is fun and bigger than the DS. The DSi camera has lots of cool features. You can take a picture of yourself and add funny graphics like a mustache or a Mario hat to your picture. The DSi is great, but I still hope they come up with something cool like a game console that instead of holding it, it will grip your head and hold the videogame right...

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