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Cars 2 (Noah)

Cars 2 is the funniest movie that I have seen this year (so far). The movie starts off with McQueen coming back to Radiator Springs to do some crazy and fun things with Mater. Thanks to Mater, McQueen enters the World Grand Prix and takes Mater with him. The World Grand Prix has three courses in three countries: Japan, Italy and England. One requirement of the race is that all race cars must use Allinol, which is an alternative fuel that the sponsor of the race, Miles Axlerod, owns. It is supposed to be better for the environment than regular gas but it has a weak spot and criminals take advantage of it. In this movie, Mater also mistakenly...

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Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil

One word to describe this movie would be ‘bad’. I was expecting it be funny like the first Hoodwinked movie but this was really boring with only a few funny moments. This movie starts out by Granny getting “granny-napped” by a wicked witch. The only reason they do this is to get a truffle that can make you invincible. I know this may sound epic but it’s really not. We watched the 3D version and again I was greatly disappointed. The movie doesn’t take advantage of 3D like say, Despicable Me. While most of the movie was unexciting, there were just a few funny moments. The most entertaining part of the movie is Twitchy. Twitchy is a hyperactive squirrel...

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Disney’s Prom

Disney’s Prom is good movie about a bunch of random kids in high school. They all seem to have something on their minds that is driving them crazy. Prom!! Lloyd doesn’t have a date so his stepsister tells him to just ask any girl. Nova Prescott, class President and head of the Prom committee, is faced with disasters. Jesse is one of them. He doesn’t get why Prom is so important. Lucas doesn’t know how to get Simone Daniel’s attention. Jordan doesn’t trust Tyler, captain of the lacrosse team but is still waiting for him to ask her to Prom. Mei got accepted into a different college from her prom date and future husband, Justin, and doesn’t know how...

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100th REVIEW: de Blob 2

The main objective of this game is to color the islands that have lost color. Comrade Black has taken all the color out of Prisma City and it’s your job to restore all the color back to the world. You jump in pools of different colored paints and you can run on walls and paint the town whatever colors you choose. It’s pretty cool but watch out for the time limit and the ink pools (which causes you to lose your color). You can let a friend play with you as Pinky, who can shoot tiny color blobs at stuff and who can help restore your color when you are out of paint. The more you paint, the more...

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Blue Moon Burgers

I like Blue Moon Burgers in Fremont, WA because of three reasons. One, they have a lot of cool posters on their walls of concerts, plays and local events. I thought the posters were old but boy was I wrong. They are actually posters of stuff going on now or coming up in the future. Two, they have a lot of good choices of food that I like (burgers, grilled cheese, fries, shakes, soda floats & fried pies!). Three, the burgers are so juicy and tender. I ordered a bacon cheeseburger and some fries. It was like heaven on earth. My sister ordered a regular cheeseburger but the cook made a mistake and put bacon on hers. That just...

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Hop is about a bunny named E.B., who is the Easter Bunny’s teenage son. E.B. loves to play the drums (plus he is really good!) and doesn’t want to take over as the Easter Bunny. So E.B. leaves for Hollywood and tries to live his dream in becoming a drummer. There he meets a guy named Fred who then takes him in as a “guest”. But back at Easter Island, things aren’t going so well. Carlos, a yellow Easter chick, gets tired of being #2 and wants to take over Easter. Will E.B. and Fred be able to save Easter in time and will E.B. realize his dream of being a famous drummer? This was a really cute movie....

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