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Empire Story

Empire Story is an online game for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. When you first download the game, it comes with some gold coins, a few homes, business and two markets. The markets produce and sell products so that you can make money to buy more homes and businesses and markets. You can also make money when someone else cleans your empire. You click on the buildings they’ve cleaned to collect the coins. It may seem really boring but it’s not. The whole point of this game is to build up your empire. And you can name your empire anything you want, mine of course is KidReviewed.com. 🙂 The more you play, the more coins and jewels you...

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Megamind (Noah)

Megamind is a very funny movie with super strange characters from outer space. Megamind’s home planet was being sucked into a black hole, so Megamind’s parents put him in a space pod with his minion and he got shot into outer space. Metro Man also got shot out into space, but in a much nicer pod, without a minion. Metro Man’s pod lands in a mansion while Megamind’s pod ends up in a jail. The inmates taught Megamind that policemen were bad and that criminals were good, so he was taught that good was bad and bad was good. Megamind then built a tricycle out of license plates with a giant laser on it and blasted the wall so...

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Megamind (Sierra)

Megamind is a story about two aliens who crash land on earth and but grow up very differently. Metro Man is an alien who looks like a human and grows up rich and good-looking while Megamind is an alien who grows up in jail and is blue all-over with an enormous head. Metro Man always saves the day while Megamind works to destroy it. On the day that the Metroman museum opens, Megamind plans to destroy Metroman. And it worked! Now Megamind is controlling Metro City but something just doesn’t feel right. There’s no “good” to battle his “evil”. So Megamind decides to create a formula to make a human have the good powers of Metroman. But when the...

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Marmaduke, the movie, is a little cheesy for me but it might be good for younger kids. Marmaduke is a huge Great Dane who always causes trouble. When his family moves from Kansas to California, his life is turned upside down. His owner, Phil Winslow, takes him to the Dog Park to meet his new boss, who owns a pet food company. Marmaduke meets other dogs that are pure breeds that think they own the park. Marmaduke wants to be their friends rather than be friends with the other dogs who are mutts. Marmaduke tries to impress the cool pure breeds by throwing a party. But when they figure out that Marmaduke had lied to them, things don’t go...

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Black Diamond Bakery

This is the best breakfast place I’ve ever been to in King County. Sorry, mom. My favorite item to order is the Coal Miner Breakfast with two buttermilk pancakes, two eggs and your choice of bacon, Italian link, country style sausage patty or ham. Yum! My dad’s favorite is the Hearty Breakfast, which comes with two eggs, hash browns, country style sausage patty, homemade biscuits and gravy. My mom likes the Eggs “Beney” served with hash browns. It’s made with ham and buttermilk biscuit rather than with Canadian bacon and English muffin. Oh yeah, all the breakfast plates also come with a mini muffin and a half slice of canned peach. We all share a warm whole-wheat apple cinnamon...

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Deception Pass Tours

A few weekends ago, our family took a mini vacation to Whidbey Island. First, we stopped by the Deception Pass Bridge, walked across it and took pictures. The bridge is really high up so it was a little scary with the cars driving by. All that was protecting us on this bridge was three metals wires between the sidewalk and the road. After that, we went to the Visitor’s Center and bought tickets for the Deception Pass Tours. The tickets were $25 for adults and $21 for kids. The hour long tour was on a speedboat that went through Deception Pass and took us near some other islands, too. Once we got under the bridge, they played the 1980’s...

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