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Great Wolf Lodge

The Great Wolf Lodge is like no ordinary hotel. It’s a hotel with an indoor water park, arcade, MagiQuest, restaurants and souvenir shop. This was our second time visiting the Great Wolf Lodge and it was awesome. The indoor water park has a wave pool, hot tub, water slides and a pool where you can play basketball. The Howlin’ Tornado is like a giant funnel. You sit in an inflatable raft with at least one other person and you slide back and forth down the sides of the funnel. It’s scary fun. It’s horrifying, really. River Canyon Run is another large waterslide and you sit in an inflatable raft with up to four other people. Once you hit the...

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The Old Spaghetti Factory

The Old Spaghetti Factory is not a real spaghetti factory. It’s a restaurant, of course, or I would not be doing a review on it. What I like about the Old Spaghetti Factory is that there are a whole bunch of choices on the kid’s menu for only $5.25. First you get to choose between applesauce and salad. Then you choose from macaroni and cheese, spinach tortellini, fettuccine alfredo, grilled cheese, ravioli and 5 kinds of spaghetti. Your meal comes with bread and a drink, too, like milk, apple juice or a soft drink. Plus you get ice cream or spumoni. I’ve tried the ravioli, macaroni and cheese, grilled cheese and spaghetti with meatball. It’s pretty good for a...

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Justin Bieber My World 2.0 Tour 7/13/2010

This concert was awesome! It was the best concert I’ve ever been to. This sold-out concert was so crazy busy that there was a line around the whole building to get into the concert. It was insane! When we got inside, we were waiting awhile to get a concert t-shirt so we missed the first act, The Stunners. We finally got to our seats just in time to see Jessica Jarrell perform. The cameras never zoomed in on her so I didn’t get to see her very well but at least I got to hear my favorite song from her, “Almost Love (24/7)”. She is a great singer and dancer. Sean Kingston was up next. Did you know that...

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Pokemon Platinum – Nintendo DSi

Pokémon Platinum version is similar to Diamond and Pearl versions of Pokémon. My Chimchar evolved at level twenty-one. The evolved form of Chimchar is Monferno. My Piplup evolved at level 16. The evolved form of Piplup is Prinplup. What I liked about the game is that there are new and different Pokémon. The bad part about the game is Sinteya, the Pokémon league champion. She is the second hardest Pokémon trainer you’ll ever meet! The hardest Pokémon trainer is the Pokémon Trainer of Legend. His Pokémon are really tough so train all of your Pokémon equally at each level in the game. I like this version better than Pokémon Diamond because there’s two regions to explore versus one and...

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Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream

Our family recently discovered Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream. I’ve only been there twice so far, but I think it is really awesome ice cream. It’s better than Cold Stone Creamery. I learned that Molly Moon’s uses a lot of local ingredients and some organic ingredients as well. I ordered the Vanilla Bean ice cream in a freshly made waffle cone. The ice cream is creamy and rich in flavor. The great thing about Molly Moon’s is that they are always coming up with new flavors that they discover in their own kitchen but they always keep the classics like Vanilla Bean, Theo Chocolate and Salted Caramel. You can ask for a sample if you’re not sure which flavor...

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Despicable Me – Movie (Sierra)

Gru is an evil villain who is trying to steal the moon. But in order to do that he needs a shrink ray, which Vector, his archenemy has. He has found out that these three orphan girls who sell cookies to Vector is his only hope. He adopts all three of them and finds them a little annoying at first but later on, discovers a soft spot for them. But Gru has to choose to capture the moon and become the world’s best criminal or keep his adopted daughters. This is definitely my favorite movie of the summer. It is so funny! Gru’s minions make the funniest noises and do the funniest things. Also the youngest of the three...

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