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Ponyo – Movie

In this Japanese animated movie, a little boy named Sosuke lives on a hill next to the ocean. One day Sosuke was playing down at the ocean and found a fish. Sosuke takes the goldfish home and names it Ponyo. Ponyo is a special fish that is the daughter of a sea goddess and an alchemist and wishes to become a girl. When Ponyo gets a taste of Sosuke’s blood from a cut, she turns into a girl. Sosuke and Ponyo go through a bunch of adventures together. But the longer Ponyo is out of the ocean, the weaker she gets. Sosuke is just a little child so he doesn’t know what is wrong with Ponyo. This movie is...

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Band Hero – PS3

This video game lets you play songs from Taylor Swift to the Jackson 5. You can play the drums, the guitar, the bass and sing. The game also lets you customize the drums, the guitar, the bass, the microphone (including the stand) and the character. The guitar is really easy because I play the electric and regular guitar in real life. My favorite song is “Beautiful Soul”. The game may be hard at the beginning, but after a lot of practice, you will get better. I play the easy level for now because once I tried the medium level and got booed off stage. That was kind of funny. The more you play, the more songs and performance venues...

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We have a new Facebook page. Connect with us there also and let all your friends know...

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Thirteen – Book

Winnie Perry is turning thirteen, a teenager, and feels scared about growing up. This story is about Winnie and her two best friends, Dinah and Cinnamon, as they go through physical and emotional changes. Winnie also has her first kiss and kind of feels awkward about it. Winnie discovers that her former best friend is drinking a wine cooler at a party. That was shocking for me! Winnie’s mom goes through changes too since she is pregnant and Winnie is excited about that. I really like this book because Lauren Myracle is a really great author and I really like realistic books. This is about a typical teenager and has some things that might not be suitable for younger...

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Justin Beiber’s My World 2.0 – Music

This is the new album by Justin Beiber called My World 2.0. This also includes “Baby” featuring Ludacris and “Overboard” featuring Jessica Jarrell. This CD is really mostly hip-hop or slow love songs. He sings really high but he sounds great and he co-writes some of his songs. Some of my favorite songs are “Somebody to Love” and “Stuck in the Moment”. I think that this CD is better than the first one because it has more songs and a better prize for the golden ticket contest. This CD includes a poster, a free download for “Catch Me If You Can” by Jessica Jarrell and also a golden ticket. You can enter the code online and be entered to...

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How To Train Your Dragon – Movie (Sierra)

Hiccup, a Viking-to-be, has dreamt of slaying a dragon as other Vikings have done. But when he finds the dragon he trapped, he realizes that he cannot slay a dragon. In the humorous-epic adventure, Hiccup has to save the dragons and the Vikings from being destroyed. How will Hiccup be able to prove to his father that everyone is wrong about dragons? At first, I wasn’t too excited when I heard we were going to be seeing this movie, but it was really good. I liked this movie because it was in IMAX, so we watched it on a huge screen with graphics that were nice and clear. The scenes were amazing and the sound was clear and loud....

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