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Disney’s Prom

Disney’s Prom is good movie about a bunch of random kids in high school. They all seem to have something on their minds that is driving them crazy. Prom!! Lloyd doesn’t have a date so his stepsister tells him to just ask any girl. Nova Prescott, class President and head of the Prom committee, is faced with disasters. Jesse is one of them. He doesn’t get why Prom is so important. Lucas doesn’t know how to get Simone Daniel’s attention. Jordan doesn’t trust Tyler, captain of the lacrosse team but is still waiting for him to ask her to Prom. Mei got accepted into a different college from her prom date and future husband, Justin, and doesn’t know how...

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Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules – Movie

This movie is different from the book but I definitely like the movie better. This movie is the sequel to Diary of a Wimpy Kid and is funnier than the first movie. It’s packed with extreme comedy. In one part of the movie, Craig drops a note in Greg’s locker that says to meet Holly in the locker room. Craig dresses up like Holly as revenge for Greg ignoring him and surprises Greg in the locker room. Another time, Greg is at the roller skating rink and Greg’s mom gets on the loudspeaker and embarrasses Greg. So the story is about Rodrick and Greg learning to get along. Their parents tried a bunch of stuff but in the end,...

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Hop is about a bunny named E.B., who is the Easter Bunny’s teenage son. E.B. loves to play the drums (plus he is really good!) and doesn’t want to take over as the Easter Bunny. So E.B. leaves for Hollywood and tries to live his dream in becoming a drummer. There he meets a guy named Fred who then takes him in as a “guest”. But back at Easter Island, things aren’t going so well. Carlos, a yellow Easter chick, gets tired of being #2 and wants to take over Easter. Will E.B. and Fred be able to save Easter in time and will E.B. realize his dream of being a famous drummer? This was a really cute movie....

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Tangled DVD Release

Disney’s Tangled is released on DVD and BluRay today so we thought we’d repost what we thought of the movie when it was in theaters. Enjoy! Tangled is one of my favorite movies out there. It is a Disney animated movie musical about Rapunzel, (the lost Princess) and a young bandit named Flynn Ryder. They make a deal that if Flynn will take Rapunzel to see the floating lights that happen on her birthday every year then Rapunzel will give Flynn his satchel back (which has a stolen tiara). Rapunzel has a hard time leaving her tower though because Mother Goethel told her to never leave the tower. But Mother Goethel gets to leave the tower everyday. What I...

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Megamind – DVD Release

Megamind was released on DVD and BluRay this past weekend so we thought we’d repost what we thought of the movie when it was in theaters. Enjoy! Noah’s Review: Megamind is a very funny movie with super strange characters from outer space. Megamind’s home planet was being sucked into a black hole, so Megamind’s parents put him in a space pod with his minion and he got shot into outer space. Metro Man also got shot out into space, but in a much nicer pod, without a minion. Metro Man’s pod lands in a mansion while Megamind’s pod ends up in a jail. The inmates taught Megamind that policemen were bad and that criminals were good, so he was...

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Justin Bieber: Never Say Never

This is one of my favorite movies. It’s awesome! Never Say Never is a documentary of Justin Bieber’s life and how he got to where he is today. Justin was just a normal kid in a small town in Canada until he was noticed on YouTube. He was brought to Atlanta by his new manager to get a record deal but he wasn’t having any luck. Justin started singing at water parks, schools, malls, radio stations and then finally got a break when he sang for Usher. But now he is faced with his biggest challenge yet- to perform at Madison Square Garden. In order to make it, he has to cancel his other shows days before the big...

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