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The Karate Kid (2010)

The Karate Kid is a movie about a boy named Dre Parker. He moves to China with his mom and meets a kid from America named Harry. They have a great time together playing basketball and ping-pong. But when they start talking to a girl, a gang of boys shows up and starts to beat up Dre. Then Dre meets a maintenance man and kung fu master, Mr. Han, who ends up training him in martial arts. Mr. Han has a funny and interesting way of training Dre. What I liked about the movie are the fight scenes. Dre does a great job in the fight scenes. There are also some dancing scenes, which are good. There really are...

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Despicable Me – Movie (Sierra)

Gru is an evil villain who is trying to steal the moon. But in order to do that he needs a shrink ray, which Vector, his archenemy has. He has found out that these three orphan girls who sell cookies to Vector is his only hope. He adopts all three of them and finds them a little annoying at first but later on, discovers a soft spot for them. But Gru has to choose to capture the moon and become the world’s best criminal or keep his adopted daughters. This is definitely my favorite movie of the summer. It is so funny! Gru’s minions make the funniest noises and do the funniest things. Also the youngest of the three...

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Toy Story 3 – Movie (Noah)

Andy is now 17 and is leaving for college. While he was packing, Andy took a look through his old toy box and put Woody in a separate box to go with him to college. He puts Buzz, Jessie and all the others in a bag to go to the attic. But then Andy gets distracted and left the bag of toys in front of the attic. His mom takes the bag out to the trash on the curb and the toys luckily escape and end up going in the box of donations to a daycare called Sunnyside. Once they get there, Lots-o-hugging bear and the rest of the toys are really nice. Then the next day, they discover...

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Toy Story 3 – Movie (Sierra)

Andy is 17 and is heading off to college. Buzz Lightyear and his friends are abandoned by Andy and are being donated to Sunnyside Daycare. When they get there, they meet other donated toys like Ken and Lotso. But Lotso betrays Buzz Lightyear’s friends and they get locked up. It’s up to them to escape the 24/7 watched Daycare. The only way to escape is through the garbage chute. Will Buzz Lightyear and his friends make it out? The Toy Story movie series are a favorite of mine, especially this one. It’s super funny and it’s cute to see stuffed animals go on a big adventure. One of my favorite parts was when Ken was trying on all his...

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A Kid’s Review of the iPad

The iPad is like a giant iPod touch, until you play with it. The iPad has more features than the iPod touch or the iPhone. The keyboard on the iPad is almost as big as a keyboard on a laptop computer, but you actually just type on the screen. You can’t see your fingerprints on the screen unless it’s turned off. It’s so much more fun to play games on the iPad like Godfinger, Tap Tap Radiation and more. It is also nicer to watch videos because of the bigger screen. Plus, there are apps that can help you with learning math and other languages. That would be a really good way to get ahead over the summer before...

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The Tooth Fairy – Movie

Derek Thompson (Dwayne Johnson) is best known as the “Tooth Fairy” in the minor hockey league. If you’re wondering how Derek got his nickname, it was during a game where he knocked out a couple of teeth of another hockey player and the nickname stuck. Derek has a girlfriend named Carly and she has two children, Tess and Randy. So Derek gets sent up to tooth fairy land to change his attitude because he kept discouraging kids from achieving their dreams. He becomes the real tooth fairy for one week and gets trained by Jerry and Tracy. Derek gets some cool stuff like amnesia dust, invisible spray, shrinking paste, cat away and mints that make people bark like a...

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