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The Spy Next Door – Movie

Bob (Jackie Chan) has retired from the CIA in order to marry Gillian, a divorced mother of three kids. The children don’t want their mother to marry him because he is boring. When Gillian goes to help a relative, Bob volunteers to babysit. Gillian’s son downloads an ‘album’ off of Bob’s computer but it is actually a Russian top-secret formula. The Russians eventually track them down and the action begins. Will Bob be able to save his girlfriend’s children and himself? Even though Jackie Chan and Lucas Till are in this movie, I don’t recommend this movie to older kids like me because it was kind of boring and lame. The scenes with fighting were pretty fake and the...

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Disney-Pixar’s UP – Movie

This movie is about a retired balloon salesman named Carl Fredricksen, a Junior Wilderness Explorer named Russell, Dug the talking dog and Kevin, a thirteen-foot-tall flightless bird. Carl and Russell get stuck on an adventure to Paradise Falls located in Paradise Island. If you are asking how they got there, the answer is Carl. Carl did something really bad and had to go to Shady Oaks, which is a retired people place. Carl spent all night blowing up about a million balloons and attached them to the roof of his house. When the people from Shady Oaks came to get Carl, he released all the balloons and his house started to float up into the air. When Carl was...

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Bandslam – Movie

Will Burton has just moved from Cincinnati to New Jersey. At his new school, music is everything to them. Sa5m (the 5 is silent) is a girl who reads all the time. She tells him about Bandslam, which is a music competition. High school kids can compete to win a record contract. Then Will meets another girl named Charlotte who has started a band with her friends. Will later becomes their manager who gives great advice about music. Can Charlotte and Will win the Bandslam competition? My favorite part was when Will was trying to kiss Sa5m. He nervously tries to brush her hair away, just like what Charlotte told him to do. But Will didn’t know what to...

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Ponyo – Movie

In this Japanese animated movie, a little boy named Sosuke lives on a hill next to the ocean. One day Sosuke was playing down at the ocean and found a fish. Sosuke takes the goldfish home and names it Ponyo. Ponyo is a special fish that is the daughter of a sea goddess and an alchemist and wishes to become a girl. When Ponyo gets a taste of Sosuke’s blood from a cut, she turns into a girl. Sosuke and Ponyo go through a bunch of adventures together. But the longer Ponyo is out of the ocean, the weaker she gets. Sosuke is just a little child so he doesn’t know what is wrong with Ponyo. This movie is...

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How to Train Your Dragon – Movie (Noah)

“How to Train Your Dragon” is a really interesting movie. There weren’t enough 3D effects in the movie but it looked crystal clear since it was in the IMAX theatre. This movie is about a young Viking named Hiccup and a dragon. Hiccup tried to be the first Viking to ever see a night fury, a dragon that only comes out at night from a volcano. He found the night fury already captured and released it and saw that half of his tail was missing. Hiccup decided to be friends with the dragon and name him Toothless, because he didn’t have any teeth. Or at least that’s what Hiccup initially thought. Normally Vikings were supposed to slay dragons but...

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How To Train Your Dragon – Movie (Sierra)

Hiccup, a Viking-to-be, has dreamt of slaying a dragon as other Vikings have done. But when he finds the dragon he trapped, he realizes that he cannot slay a dragon. In the humorous-epic adventure, Hiccup has to save the dragons and the Vikings from being destroyed. How will Hiccup be able to prove to his father that everyone is wrong about dragons? At first, I wasn’t too excited when I heard we were going to be seeing this movie, but it was really good. I liked this movie because it was in IMAX, so we watched it on a huge screen with graphics that were nice and clear. The scenes were amazing and the sound was clear and loud....

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