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Megamind (Noah)

Megamind is a very funny movie with super strange characters from outer space. Megamind’s home planet was being sucked into a black hole, so Megamind’s parents put him in a space pod with his minion and he got shot into outer space. Metro Man also got shot out into space, but in a much nicer pod, without a minion. Metro Man’s pod lands in a mansion while Megamind’s pod ends up in a jail. The inmates taught Megamind that policemen were bad and that criminals were good, so he was taught that good was bad and bad was good. Megamind then built a tricycle out of license plates with a giant laser on it and blasted the wall so...

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Lunch Money

Lunch Money is a really good book. It is about a sixth-grader named Greg Kenton who likes to make money. He saves up his money and then lets his brothers borrow it if they pay interest on it. His dad tells him to put all his money in a savings account just in case the house would ever get burned down or robbed. So Greg surprises his dad by making a deposit of over $3,000! When school starts, Greg keeps forgetting his lunch and has to borrow money from his friends. When he sees other kids buying pencils, cupcakes and other stuff, he thinks it would be a great way to make his fortune. First, he starts selling toys...

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Small Time Burgers

You would think Small Time was like any other fast food restaurant, but it’s not. It’s a very small drive-thru/walk-up that has a very limited menu with several types of hamburgers, crinkle fries, shakes and sodas. I both liked it and disliked it. The reason I didn’t like it was because it was really slow service since there are not a lot of workers. They also burnt my burger bun. I tried to order my bacon cheeseburger with only mayo and ketchup but they couldn’t do that since they only offer their special sauce, which has relish in it; and I don’t like relish. But I did like my juicy bacon cheeseburger and the fries were just delicious. If...

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Deception Pass Tours

A few weekends ago, our family took a mini vacation to Whidbey Island. First, we stopped by the Deception Pass Bridge, walked across it and took pictures. The bridge is really high up so it was a little scary with the cars driving by. All that was protecting us on this bridge was three metals wires between the sidewalk and the road. After that, we went to the Visitor’s Center and bought tickets for the Deception Pass Tours. The tickets were $25 for adults and $21 for kids. The hour long tour was on a speedboat that went through Deception Pass and took us near some other islands, too. Once we got under the bridge, they played the 1980’s...

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Great Wolf Lodge

The Great Wolf Lodge is like no ordinary hotel. It’s a hotel with an indoor water park, arcade, MagiQuest, restaurants and souvenir shop. This was our second time visiting the Great Wolf Lodge and it was awesome. The indoor water park has a wave pool, hot tub, water slides and a pool where you can play basketball. The Howlin’ Tornado is like a giant funnel. You sit in an inflatable raft with at least one other person and you slide back and forth down the sides of the funnel. It’s scary fun. It’s horrifying, really. River Canyon Run is another large waterslide and you sit in an inflatable raft with up to four other people. Once you hit the...

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The Old Spaghetti Factory

The Old Spaghetti Factory is not a real spaghetti factory. It’s a restaurant, of course, or I would not be doing a review on it. What I like about the Old Spaghetti Factory is that there are a whole bunch of choices on the kid’s menu for only $5.25. First you get to choose between applesauce and salad. Then you choose from macaroni and cheese, spinach tortellini, fettuccine alfredo, grilled cheese, ravioli and 5 kinds of spaghetti. Your meal comes with bread and a drink, too, like milk, apple juice or a soft drink. Plus you get ice cream or spumoni. I’ve tried the ravioli, macaroni and cheese, grilled cheese and spaghetti with meatball. It’s pretty good for a...

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